• Date Completed

    November 2012

  • Building Area

    16,077 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $4.5 million

  • Location

    Arabi, Louisiana

  • Client

    St. Bernard Parish School System

Adam Beazley serving as designer and project manager for this project while at Architects Beazley Moliere, undertook the task of creating the Arabi Elementary School Gymnasium for the St. Bernard Parish School Board, replacing the previous gymnasium that suffered extensive damage and flooding during Hurricane Katrina. The focus was to deliver a resilient and functional space that seamlessly integrated with the existing elementary school while offering enhanced facilities for various activities.

With a total area of 16,077 square feet, this magnificent gymnasium comfortably accommodates 1,311 people, providing ample seating for school events and public sporting activities alike. It boasts a working performance stage, a well-appointed concessions area, and a direct connection to the existing school, fostering a sense of continuity and accessibility.

The project, completed at a cost of $4.5 million, showcases a robust construction, featuring glazed concrete masonry units and structural steel on wood piles, with a striking exterior veneer of brick and split-faced CMU. The design of the interior is expressed on the floors in the lobby and connector showcasing elegant terrazzo adorned with the school’s logo, adding a touch of school pride. Meanwhile, the gymnasium floor features wood sports flooring with an oak wood stage, ensuring a top-notch sporting experience.

Completed in late 2012, this gymnasium stands as a testament to Adam’s expertise, delivering a resilient, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing space that serves the school and community, hosting a variety of events and public gatherings with ease.