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Architectural Design

Our collaborative approach to design focuses on the needs and goals of our clients while maintaining the predetermined budget. We understand the complex nature of construction and technology and strive to integrate all systems seamlessly into the final design to eliminate costly changes during construction.

Interior Design

We bring years of experience in the art of enhancing interior spaces into aesthetically-pleasing, healthy and functional environments. As part of our standard services, we provide interior detailing and are able to provide selections of interior materials, colors, finishes, hardware, and lighting/plumbing fixtures.

Needs & Options

We work with our clients to get answers to critical questions in order to evaluate their needs. This information is compiled and assembled into the Needs & Options Review document which is then presented back to the client and includes all of the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Master Planning

We provide master planning services in which growth and expansion potential at a specific site is thoroughly mapped, planned, outlined, and explored in order to create a living document to help guide future growth. These plans are then used to help plan future phased projects necessary to complete the vision.

Rendering & Visualization

We are able to produce dramatic interior and exterior renderings of the proposed building as well as colorful textured plans and elevations for any of your marketing needs. From still exterior images for signage and presentations to full video walk-throughs of the interior spaces for capital campaigns, we can do it all.

Custom Furniture & Fixture Design

We are able to provide custom furniture and fixture design to create one-of-a-kind pieces that perfectly fit both physically and aesthetically into the spaces required. From conceptual design through outsourcing production and installation, we can walk you though every step of the process.

Construction Administration

Contract Administration (CA) is one of the most important phases in any design project and focuses on the administration aspect of the construction project. Our process ensures that the final product is of the highest quality and meets all of the design expectations, while protecting our clients in the process

Design-Build Project Delivery

Design-Build is a project delivery method in which the client deals with a single business entity consisting of both Architect & Contractor, who will design & construct the project. This method is a more collaborative approach and allows for more owner Involvement in a team approach which leads to time and cost savings.


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