At A Beazley Architecture, our commitment to excellence extends seamlessly into our Construction Administration process. We adhere to the industry-standard guidelines set forth by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), ensuring a meticulous and efficient approach to overseeing the construction phase of your project.

Our Construction Administration services are designed to bring clarity, accountability, and quality control to every stage of the construction process. As per AIA standards, we act as a liaison between the design team, contractors, and other stakeholders, ensuring that the project is executed according to the approved plans and specifications.

Our comprehensive Construction Administration process includes:

  1. Pre-Construction Coordination: Begin your project with a comprehensive meeting to align stakeholders and set the stage for success.
  2. Regular Site Monitoring: Our experienced team conducts frequent site visits to ensure progress aligns with expectations, maintaining a collaborative environment.
  3. Efficient Submittal Reviews: Meticulously review and approve contractor-submitted materials, guaranteeing compliance with project requirements and specifications.
  4. RFI Facilitation: Our team excels in managing Requests for Information (RFI), fostering seamless communication between the design team and contractors.
  5. Change Order Expertise: Navigate change orders effortlessly with our comprehensive administration, evaluating their impact while keeping all parties informed.
  6. Progress Reporting: Stay informed through regular updates, ensuring a proactive approach to identifying and resolving potential issues.
  7. Thorough Closeout Procedures: Meticulous oversight extends to final project stages, encompassing inspections, documentation review, and resolution of outstanding items for a smooth transition to occupancy.

Choose [Your Company Name] for Construction Administration services prioritizing AIA standards. Trust us to deliver your vision with precision, accountability, and the highest quality standards, from concept to completion.

By choosing A Beazley Architecture LLC, you are selecting a partner that prioritizes the principles of the AIA Construction Administration process. We are dedicated to delivering projects with precision, accountability, and the highest standards of quality. Your vision is our commitment, and our Construction Administration services ensure your project’s success from concept to completion.