• Date Completed

    December 2023

  • Building Area

    4,700 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $1.2 million

  • Location

    Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Client

    CLB The Community Bank

CLB The Community Bank engaged the services of local architects, including Adam Beazley, then Principal at Architects Beazley Moliere, to present a range of design options for a complete renovation and re-cladding of an existing former Panera Bread building. Through a design competition, Adam’s proposed design renderings emerged as the winning choice, and he was subsequently commissioned to develop the detailed drawings for the selected aesthetic.

The transformation of the existing building involved an innovative combination of lap siding, paint, and wood slats, bestowing upon it a rejuvenated and contemporary appearance. To enhance the overall appeal, a section of the dining area was removed to create an impressive new grand entrance at the front of the building. Simultaneously, the existing entrance was closed, leading to the establishment of functional offices along the patio space.

Employing slender steel beams and columns, a novel entrance structure was fashioned to shield visitors from the intense western sun while preserving unobstructed views for safety and fostering natural ventilation to ensure comfort and energy efficiency.

The Bank program was thoughtfully integrated, encompassing multiple offices, a conference room, walk-up, and drive-thru teller areas, a vault, secure document storage, and a safety deposit room. This extensive 4,700 square foot renovation project is well underway and set for completion in December 2023. With Adam’s exceptional design prowess, CLB The Community Bank is destined to acquire a revitalized and modernized space, reflecting their commitment to providing enhanced banking services to the community.