• Date Completed

    November 2016

  • Building Area

    22,629 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost

    $3.4 million

  • Location

    Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Client

    Family Life Church

Family Life Church, a non-denominational ministry based in Lafayette, Louisiana, embarked on a journey to enhance their campus and foster a sense of unity. Led by Architect of Record, Charles Beazley, and with Adam Beazley serving as project manager, we worked closely with the Church to develop a design vision that embraced a new building, creating outdoor spaces for fellowship and accessibility.

The innovative solution centered around a new entry plaza, thoughtfully designed to begin at the parking lot and seamlessly lead visitors to the sanctuary’s entrance. Enhancing the campus, a new 22,629 square foot facility gracefully flanks this welcoming plaza. To ensure smooth access for families with children, a new covered drop-off canopy was thoughtfully added at the parking lot, providing direct entry into the children’s area.

The campus transformation continued as the building extended through a new coffee shop, ingeniously linking to the existing sanctuary. This strategic connection created a fully enclosed pathway, guiding visitors from the parking lot directly to the sanctuary. The result is a cohesive and harmonious campus, where congregants can experience fellowship and spiritual growth, surrounded by functional and inviting spaces.

Through the collaboration of father son team Charles and Adam Beazley, Family Life Church successfully realized their vision, creating a dynamic campus that embraces the present ministry of the Holy Spirit and fosters a sense of community and connection among its members.