• Date Completed


  • Building Area

    15,000 Sq Ft

  • Construction Cost


  • Location

    Lafayette, Louisiana

  • Client

    Good Hope Baptist Church

Under the guidance of lead designer Adam Beazley during his tenure at Architects Beazley Moliere, Good Hope Baptist Church embarked on a transformative building program, unfolding in two distinct phases to construct a new sanctuary and Family Life Center.

Phase one materialized in 2005, under the guidance of Albert Moliere culminating in the completion of the Family Life Center, boasting an impressive total square footage of 32,480. This multifunctional space serves diverse purposes, ranging from education and childcare facilities to administrative offices and a full-fledged gymnasium. Currently, it also serves as a temporary worship area until the completion of phase two—the eagerly anticipated sanctuary.

With a pressing need for a permanent worship space, a new sanctuary has been thoughtfully designed, capable of accommodating over 800 attendees. Occupying just over 15,000 square feet, this sanctuary promises to be a haven of worship and reflection. Comprising well-planned spaces for storage, choir rehearsals, pastor meditation, and an inviting lobby, the sanctuary will exude warmth and openness to all who enter.

The seating layout has been meticulously arranged to accommodate the congregation comfortably, with 500 seats available on the first level and an additional 300 in a second-floor balcony. Leveraging materials from the existing Family Life Center, the new sanctuary will seamlessly blend in while incorporating a few new materials and techniques to draw attention to its distinct presence.

With Adam Beazley at the helm of the design process, the new sanctuary at Good Hope Baptist Church promises to be a testament to thoughtful architecture, providing a much needed and inviting space for worship and spiritual reflection.